Newton Bushel Morris


We Challenged Matt & Myranda of Gemini FM Breakfast

As listeners to Gemini FM radio will know, Matt Rogan and Myranda Devonish present the daily Breakfast Show.  Each week the pair compete in a challenge posed by the public.  In the past, Matt & Myranda have accepted challenges ranging from bowls to knitting and chicken catching to fire fighting.

On the evening of Thursday 19th February 2009, Newton Bushel Morris challenged Matt & Myranda to perform a Morris Dance. 


 The challenge was held at Newton Bushel?s practice venue (Kingskerswell Scout Hut). Matt & Myranda looked a bit perplexed as the Morris dancers demonstrated the stick dance they would be performing.   During one hour of intensive tuition the pair enthusiastically absorbed and practised the steps and stick movements.


At 8.45 the competition was on.  Matt and Myranda performed the dance which would result in only one winner.  The whole performance was videoed and can be viewed on You Tube:

Exhausted, Matt & Myranda then rushed off to get to bed as they had a ridiculously early start in the morning.  The Newton Bushel Morris Dancers, on the other hand, had no such commitments and adjourned to a public house to assess the two performances.  It was  unanimously agreed that Myranda had taken to Morris Dancing like the proverbial duck to water and her stepping and stick tapping was awesome.  Matt, on the other hand, struggled with his coordination but more than compensated with his enthusiastic leaps and scored well on entertainment value. Taking everything into account Myranda was judged to have just pipped Matt and was declared the winner.  The announcement was made on the Breakfast programme on Friday 20th and Myranda‚Äôs delight was clearly heard with much whooping and shrieking.






This is Us in Action!!